Collection of Personal Information

When you register or subscribe to The Monticello Chamber of Commerce you may give us contact information about yourself. This information is collected and processed by The Monticello Chamber of Commerce. This information can include your name, postal address, email address, landline and/or mobile telephone number, as well as other personal information as necessary.

How we use your information

Where personal data such as your name, postal address or email address is obtained, then this information is collected and processed by The Monticello Chamber of Commerce and will be used exclusively in connection with The Monticello Chamber of Commerce’s products, the services requested, or for controlling access to restricted areas.

The Monticello Chamber of Commerce would like to keep in touch with you by sending emails about products and services that we believe you will be interested in. These communications will relate only to our services as a business information provider and will be sent in line with our legitimate interest in promoting services. The Monticello Chamber of Commerce will always provide you with the opportunity to opt out of receiving these business messages within the body of emails as well as at the point when you sign up for services.

The Monticello Chamber of Commerce will only pass your personal data to other relevant third-party organisations or individuals with your explicit consent or where necessary for the purposes of registration and/or relevant communication, or unless specifically compelled to do so by law or court order, or other legitimate reason.

Facebook Connect

We offer you the option of easier registration to our site through Facebook. You can use your existing Facebook user account for this purpose. By clicking the “Log in with Facebook” link, you can use this registration method via our online portal. To do this, you need to already have a Facebook account or have access to Facebook. If you would like to register for one of our services using your Facebook account, the first step in the registration process will immediately redirect you to Facebook. Facebook will then ask you to log in or to register. Under no circumstances will we receive your personal access data (user name and password). In a second step, you will connect your Facebook profile with the service for which you would like to register. At this point, you will be told what data from your Facebook profile will be transmitted to us. This information is usually your “public information” on Facebook and information which you have made available to the public or authorized for the application in question. Information of this type generally includes your name, profile picture and cover photo, your gender, your networks, your username (Facebook URL), and your user ID number (Facebook ID). We will also use the email address you have saved with Facebook in order to contact you outside of Facebook. You can see an overview of information in your profile that is available to the public via the General Account Settings menu of your Facebook profile ( The legal basis for data collection and storage is your consent, within the meaning of Art. 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter a GDPR. If you would like to remove the connection between Facebook Connect and our service, please log in to Facebook and make the required changes to your profile. We will then no longer have the right to use information from your Facebook profile.

Contact Information

120 South Main Street
Ste 3
City Hall
Post Office Box 566
Monticello, Kentucky
(606) 348-3064